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Internet Banking

Updated Internet Baking Account Details

Updates to the Centennial Online Banking* experience are underway and our ultimate mission is to enhance your customer experience. We started with and are now taking the next step by streamlining our Internet Banking platform. We will make these changes in increments over the next several months so be on the lookout for future updates.

The 1st update to Online Banking is focused on the “Account Details” page. We have taken steps to modernize the language and enhance features of the page.  Detailed information of the updates can be found by reviewing the image and FAQs below.

Newly designed Internet Banking

Internet Banking Account Details FAQs

What is changing?
The Account Details page in Internet Banking is getting a new look.

We’ve heard our customers’ and employees’ feedback and updated the Account Details page to make it more streamlined, modern, and easy to use.

Where did my pending transactions go?
All your transactions are viewable in the transaction history pane. Your pending transactions will be listed at the top of the pane. The word pending will be displayed in the date column.

Can I update how many transactions I see per page?
Yes, you now have the option to choose how many transactions you can see per page. At the bottom of the account activity pane, on the right-hand side, you can choose the number of transactions you’d like to see per page.

Where do I search for account activity?
You can perform a quick “filter” search by selecting the type of transaction you are looking for in the Account Activity header or you can perform an “advanced” search by selecting the double arrow next to the transaction type to enter more specific information. Using the “advanced” search feature, you may search by transaction type, key word, amount, date and check number.

What does it mean if an amount is displayed in Red?
When amount shows up in red it means that it is a debit from the account or a negative number.

What does it mean if an amount is displayed in Black?
When an amount shows up in black it means it is a credit to the account or a positive number.

Can I print my transactions?
Yes, you can select the print icon at the top of the screen to print the entire account details screen.

Can I go back to the classic view?
Yes, for a limited amount of time, at the bottom of the account details screen there is a “Go Back to Classic” button to review your account activity.

What does the dotted grey line mean?
A dotted grey line means there is a “tool tip” for that item. If you hover over the word with the correlating dotted line a description of the word will pop up.

What if I can’t find something or want to provide feedback?
You may provide feedback by scrolling to the bottom of the screen and selecting the “Go Back to Classic” button.

Please use the “Get In Touch” section directly below should you have questions, comments or concerns. We look forward to your feedback!


*Certain fees, limitations and restrictions may apply. Please refer to product terms and conditions or see Bank for details.

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